Politécnica de Madrid

Paper Wings (Competition Over)

Paper Wings is an international paper airplane competition aimed at university students. Enrolment is free and nation teams from universities from 85 countries from all over the world can participate.  The most important condition to participate is to know how to fold a piece of paper. What follows (convert the sheet into a high-performance airplane) is a piece of cake.

The competition includes three disciplines: Distance of the flight, Flight time and Flight acrobatics.  The best pilots from each country participating will win an airline ticket (a real one, of course) to fly to the international final which will bring together the best gliders in Hangar-7 (www.hangar-7.com) in the Austrian city of Salzburg.  There, the world champion will be crowned, and you never know, perhaps a new world record will be set.

Main Coordinator: Consuelo Fernández and Ángel Rodríguez