Politécnica de Madrid

Mathematical Meetings (Competition Over)

A competition in which the participants must present work dealing with a mathematic content in different fields, in principle away from this science: elements from nature, sculptures, pictures, buildings, advertising billboards, images and photographs, stories, poems, etc.  

This competition aims to contribute to the introduction and motivation to mathematics to students from our universities.  It consists of the presentation of a work dealing with a mathematical content from within the chosen field in accordance with the categories.  The works must be original and can be carried out individually or in groups of up to three students.  There will be 4 talks given by experts in the field.  This competition is the final culmination of a series of competitions that the MAIC group of the UPM has carried out.  Others include the First Competition of Mathematical Photography of the MAIC and the First Competition of Short Stories of the MAIC, both of which have been very successful.

Main Coordinator: Maria Dolores López González

ETSI CAMINOS, CANALES Y PUERTOS (School of Civil Engineering)