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CanSat (Competition Over)

A CanSat consists of a soft drink’s can in which all of the subsystems for the carrying out of a certain mission has been miniaturised (power supply, useful load, navigation system and parachute) as a microsatellite. The competing teams must design and build a CanSat that complies with the mission proposed for each edition of the competition (i.e. land on a target). The organisation provides the launch vehicle (a reusable experimental rocket) that lifts and releases the CanSat to a height of 1,500 metres.  The CanSat must complete its mission during its descent.  In this first edition, the proposed mission is for the CanSat to navigate itself autonomously and be capable of returning to the launch pad from which the rocket was launched.

Main Coordinator: Prof. D. José Arqués Orobón

EUIT TELECOMUNICACIÓN (School of Telecommunications Engineering)