Politécnica de Madrid

Wiideogames (Competition Over)

The objective of the competition is to develop a video game for the PC/MAC platforms using the remote control of the Wii console (wiimote) through a bluetooth connexion. The participants, if they want, will receive a wiimote remote control with the wii motion plus accessory together with a USB bluetooth adaptor in order to carry out the development.  The participant will have to pay a deposit of €60 which is returnable at the end of the competition and upon the return of the the equipment.  The most original and creative applications that use a wiimote man-machine interface using open standards (OpenGL, wiiuse,etc.) will receive a prize.  Aspects such as software design, graphic design, ‘playability’, complexity of the game will be evaluated.

Main Coordinator: Javier Alcalá Casado

EUIT INFORMÁTICA (School of Computer Engineering)