Politécnica de Madrid

Cybertech (Competition Open)

Cybertech is an annual robot competition organized by the Department of Automatic, electronic Engineering and Computing of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the student association of the UPM Reset.
The contest has two categories: Classic and Master
In the Classic category the participants must solve 2 challenges: Labyrinth and Line-tracker.
The objective to approach in the  robot labyrinth is to find its exit before the opponent does so. In the tracker challenge the robots must follow a circuit marked by a painted line on the floor. The challenge increases its level while the competition progresses, using more complex labyrinths and obstacles.

In the Master category three different challenges are proposed (Forest, Ball selector and Social robot.)
In the Forest the robots must pass through a forest made of cylinders randomly placed without touching them.
In the Ball selector the robots must be able to move across a flat surface, identifying and gathering the sphere of the same color found among its path.
The Social robot is an open contest, which is intended to encourage initiative, creativity and autonomy, proposing as a goal the development of a robot able to realize any type of domestic activity.

Main Cordinator: Antonio Barrientos

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