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Degree in Sound and Image Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits
Objectives The general objectives of the degree have a primarily professional orientation, as students specialise in an area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the same time as they are trained in scientific aspects and general concepts, enabling graduates to enter the workforce in a company or institution and to continue academic and professional training throughout their lives
General objectives
  • To create, develop and manage projects to design, devise, implement and use telecommunications networks, services and applications.
  • To analyse, specify, design, plan, make and maintain audio and video systems and equipment.
  • To design, assess and handle techniques and tools for audio and video processing in recording, processing and broadcasting.
  • To prepare projects and designs for soundproofing premises and facilities with public address systems.
  • To carry out electroacoustic transducer projects and designs.
  • To determine and assess the environmental impact of noise.
  • To prepare projects and designs to control noise and vibrations.
  • To prepare projects and designs for premises to be used to produce and record audio and video signals, including sound conditioning and quality control.
  • To manage, administer and advise the Sound and Vision sector.
  • To take part in Research, Development and Innovation projects in the area of Sound and Vision.
Attached to School of Telecommunications and System Engineering
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