Politécnica de Madrid

Double Degree in Computing and Business Administration and Management

Credits 360 European credits
General objectives of the degree

The objective of this double degree program is to train a professional who already has knowledge and competence of un Graduate in Computer Engineering. The aim is to respond to the social demand and need to train managers responsible for the computer and information systems of companies and institutions, taking into account the growing need for information in decision making, together with the importance of tackling the development of systems that help the competitiveness of the business. So the aim is to train professionals:

  • With a wide-ranging scientific, technological and socioeconomic training, prepared to carry out their profession in the development and application of information and communications technologies (ICT), in the area of computing.
  • Able to carry out management, assessment and evaluation work in business organisations. This work may be carried out within a global ambit or in any of its functional areas: production, human resources, financing, comercialización, investment, administration or accountancy.
Study Centre School of Computer Engineering
Campus de Montegancedo
Boadilla del Monte
28660 Madrid
91 336 73 99
Web Page www.fi.upm.es/