Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in Software Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits

The general objective of the degree is to train professionals capable of using a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to develop, operate and maintain software and to establish and use reliable software which works efficiently on real equipment, and to estimate the costs involved.

This objective also includes the need for in-depth knowledge of computer programming, implementing and planning computer systems and all the phases in the lifecycle of software, working from a practical point of view in accordance with the context of society in Spain.

As part of the objectives of the degree and linked to the need for professional services, civil responsibility and the ethical behaviour which should be a compulsory part of the professional practice of a Software Engineer, it is also considered important to highlight all the aspects of social cooperation aimed at promoting culture, peace, equal rights regardless of gender, race and specific personal circumstances of all members of the university community.

General objectives
  • To design computer applications in line with the needs of different organisations.
  • To direct and coordinate the creation of complex applications.
  • Take part in all phases of the lifetime of a product.
  • To estimate the costs of a project and determine the time required to carry it out.
  • To monitor costs and time frames.
  • To direct work teams involved in software development.
  • To organise tests to ensure programmes function correctly and meet analysis and design requirements.
  • To design, make and administer databases.
  • To direct and advise programmers during the creation of applications.
Attached to School of Computer Systems Engineering
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