Politécnica de Madrid

Double Degree in Building, Business Management and Administration

Credits 360 European credits
General Objectives of the Degree
  • To train professionals capable of carrying out management, assessment and evaluation tasks in business organisations in any of their areas of: production, human resources, finance, commercialisation, investment, administration or accountancy.  Likewise, how to assign resources and evaluate results, with the capacity for the management and administration of companies to guarantee the development of business management in the building process.
  • To train highly qualified professionals in the area of building so that they can carry out their profession in technical architecture with scientific and technical competence; with skills in the management of the physical construction of the works, in the drawing up of safety reports and valuation plans, in the management of new building technologies, as well as the maintenance and refurbishment of buildings, energy efficiency and sustainable construction.
Attached to School of Building
Campus Ciudad Universitaria
Avenida Juan de Herrera nº 6
28040 Madrid
91 336 76 36
Web page www.edificacion.upm.es/