Politécnica de Madrid

Double Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development and Mechanical Engineering

Credits 313.5 European credits

To train professionals capable of:

  • Designing, managing and coordinating all activities related to the life process of products.
  • Applying innovative industrial design in such a way as to generate added value to the products, improve competition and promote the brand.
  • Proposing new designs and providing alternative technological solutions according to the new needs and requirements of the consumers.
  • Applying technologically advanced, efficient and environmentally respectful methods to the design of products.
  • Drawing up and developing technical projects in the area of Mechanical Engineering within the fields of industrial manufacture and production, construction of machinery and Industrial Constructions and Facilities.
  • Carrying out the calculation, design and implementation of any project in the area of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Managing, coordinating and optimising production, operation and maintenance activities, within the said field.
  • Managing all types of industries and operations related to Mechanical Engineering including activities related to bringing products to the market.
  • Developing functions linked to quality management, the environment and work health and safety, taking measurements, calculations, valuations, evaluations, expert reports, studies and reports with no restrictions at all within their field of speciality.
Study Centre School of Industrial Design and Engineering
Campus Madrid Ciudad
Ronda de Valencia nº 3
28012 Madrid
91 336 76 99
Web Page www.etsidi.upm.es