Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits
  • To apply knowledge acquired to develop systems that improve a wide range of industrial processes (robotics, the automobile industry, etc.). Electronic systems can also be applied to fields as distinct from industry as medicine, agriculture, merchandise distribution processes, traffic management systems, energy production and distribution, space technology, avionics, etc.
  • To learn the bases and applications of analogue and digital electronics and microprocessors.
  • To enable students to design analogue, digital and power electronic systems.
  • To enable students to model and simulate systems.
  • To enable students to design control and industrial automation systems.
Specialisation The degree includes two itineraries which are studied separately at each study centre. The itinerary of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering is designed for students who have come from the Degree in Industrial Technology (Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering) and wish to continue with the specialisation in Electrical Engineering.
The itineraries also include two intensifications, in Electronics and Automatics.
Study Centre School of Industrial Design and Engineering
Campus Madrid Ciudad Ronda de Valencia nº 3
28012 Madrid
91 336 76 99
Web Page www.etsidi.upm.es