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Engineering Degree in Energy Resources, Fuels and Explosives

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits
  • To train professionals qualified to perform numerous activities associated with energy resources, fuels and explosives; utilization and processing of renewable and non-renewable energy resources; design of production facilities, storage plants and fuel transport systems; and manufacture, storage and use of industrial explosives. They will also be able to conduct studies on economic assessment, planning and safety.
  • To train professionals who will work in the field of energy process engineering, from energy sources to production for a variety of applications, while also providing the training required to develop efficient and sustainable technologies and systems.
  • To focus the training of engineers on the processes that take place from the sources of energy, including fuels and energy carriers, to the level of end user of the electrical or thermal energy service.
Specialisation The degree includes a single itinerary corresponding to the specialisation of Energy resources, fuels and explosives.
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Study Centre School of Mining and Energy Engineering
Campus Madrid Ciudad
C/ Ríos Rosas, 21
28003 Madrid
91 336 70 71
Web Page www.minasyenergia.upm.es