Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in Civil and Territorial Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits
  • To train university graduates so they have a solid background in physics and mathematics based on technique, with a wide-ranging, thorough grounding in civil engineering and a competitive edge in the labour market, in accordance with a training model in which the scientific method forms the basis for teaching and learning about technique.
  • To train students to plan, inspect and direct works in their chosen field.
  • To train students to conduct studies in their chosen field on regional planning and environmental aspects associated with infrastructures.

Students may choose from three specialisations:

  • Civil Constructions.
  • Transport and Urban Services.
  • Hydrology.
Study Centre E.T.S.I. de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Campus Ciudad Universitaria
C/ Profesor Aranguren 3
28040 Madrid
91 336 67 27
Web page www.caminos.upm.es