Politécnica de Madrid

Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Society Technologies

Credits 300 European credits
General Objective of the Degree

The objective of this university double degree is to train highly qualified professionals for:

  • The development of software and firmware for embedded micro-controllers, the design of analogical sensors, mixed signal circuit boards and operating systems for robotic research which are based on the use of digital systems to control and supervise motors, communications, sensors, etc.
  • The design, integration, implementation and maintenance of computer infrastructures and services to the Information Society, to make the most modern facilities available to users and organizations through which to deploy computer services (data bases, communications networks, processing centres, information systems, etc), under highly scalable architectures: cloud computing, cloud databases, distributed computation, ubiquitous computation, the internet of things, software-defined networks, etc.
Attached to School of Computer Systems Engineering
Campus Sur
Carretera de Valencia, Km 7
28031 Madrid
91 336 79 03
Web Page www.etsisi.upm.es