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Degree in Materials Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits

The objective of the Degree in Materials Science Engineering is to train engineers by giving them an interdisciplinary technical background, enabling them to carry out numerous activities associated with materials in a wide range of production sectors such as product design and the selection, extraction, development and processing of materials, including computer modelling and application of criteria for service life and quality and production control. Graduates will be able to conduct research and execute projects associated with manufacture, processing and use of materials, as well as recycling, environmental impact and control, restoration and renovation.

The training process, which follows a quality model and is taught by specialist lecturers, includes a system of individualised tutorials and personal attention to students. The third year is taught entirely in English and also includes in-company work experience and time spent at study centres abroad.

The degree is fully in line with the spirit of the European Higher Education Area and meets the growing demand for qualifications of this type both within Spain and abroad. It is also a leading degree in subjects such as Nanotechnology, Biomaterials and Numerical Simulation. For some decades, Materials Science Engineering has come to acquire a prominent position due to the strategic importance of the materials sector and the constant, overwhelming development that has occurred in the manufacture of new materials. The preeminent role of new technological areas such as nanotechnology and bioengineering has reinforced the distinctive, unique nature of Materials Engineering in relation to other engineering disciplines that have evolved from the forerunners of the 19th century.

Specialisations Students may choose from three itineraries: Structural Materials (materials for energy or aeronautics), Functional Materials (nanomaterials, materials for optoelectronics) and Materials for Life Sciences (biomaterials, tissue engineering).
Web page http://www.materiales.upm.es
Study Centre Higher Technical School of Civil Engineering
Campus Ciudad Universitaria
C/ Profesor Aranguren 3
28040 Madrid
91 336 67 27