Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in Natural Environmental Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits
  • To train professionals with a solid scientific, technological and socioeconomic education, with the appropriate background to work in the development and application of the following technologies: environmental and ecological, territorial and surveying, computer, construction, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and electronic, in the field of Management, Conservation and Protection of the Natural Environment.
  • To train specialists in areas such as natural sciences, regional analysis techniques, socioeconomics, infrastructures in the natural environment, area and species management, detection and correction of environmental impact, and project management, who will be particularly capable of preventing and solving environmental problems in the natural environment; planning, directing and conducting environmental studies and conservation plans for the natural environment; forming part of multidisciplinary teams to prepare environmental impact projects; programming and directing studies on air, soil and water quality; developing technologies for the rational use of the natural environment; and advising organisations, companies and lawmakers.
Specialisation The course plan includes two orientations or itineraries with specific training in Area and Species Management and Detection and Correction of Environmental Impact.
Study Centre School of Forestry Engineering and Natural Resources
Ciudad Universitaria, s/n
28040 Madrid
91 336 70 73
91 336 76 52
Web page www.montesymedionatural.upm.es