Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Credits 240 ECTS credits
Objetives The design and contents of the Degree are structured so that when students have completed their studies, they are equipped with the necessary conceptual, manual and technical tools, as well as the skills required, to improve or develop new processes and industrial and sociomedical services in order to apply their knowledge to real medical problems; they will also have knowledge of the principal aspects of living beings and life sciences that will enable them to work in conjunction with their colleagues in biomedicine, not only in the tasks of solving the technical problems they are presented with, but also in the processes of identifying the actual problems, which is the only way that the technological solutions they produce will be of real utility.
Specialisations Telemedicine, Biomedical images, Devices and materials for bioengineering and Biomedical computing.
Attached to: School of Telecommunications Engineering
Campus Ciudad Universitaria
Avenida Complutense, No 30
28040 Madrid
91 549 57 00
Web page www.etsit.upm.es/