Politécnica de Madrid

Degree in IT Engineering

Total ECTS Credits 240 ECTS Credits
General objectives
  • To independently acquire knowledge and techniques appropriate for designing, creating and using computer systems.
  • To communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally, the knowledge, procedures, findings and ideas associated with ICT and in particular with Computer Science, and to learn about its socioeconomic impact.
  • To understand the social, ethical and professional responsibility, as well as the civil responsibility where applicable, of Computer Engineering and its role in the field of ICT and the Information and Knowledge Society.
  • To devise and implement computer projects using the principles and methodologies of Engineering.
  • To design, create, assess and ensure accessibility, ergonomics, usability and security of computer systems, applications and services, as well as the information they provide, in accordance with legislation and regulations in force.
  • To define, assess and choose hardware and software platforms in order to create and use different types of computer applications and services.
  • To have an appropriate basis in mathematics, physics, economics and sociology to be able to interpret, select, evaluate and create new technological concepts, theories, uses and advances associated with computer science and its application.
  • To devise, create and maintain software systems and applications using a variety of software engineering methods and programming languages appropriate to the type of application to be developed, while maintaining the levels of quality demanded.
  • To devise and create centralised and distributed computer systems and architectures integrating hardware and software and networks.
  • To propose, analyse, validate, interpret, install and maintain computer solutions in real life contexts and a variety of areas of application within an organisation.
  • To devise, implement, organise and manage computer systems and services in company and institutional contexts to improve their business processes, taking responsibility for and heading the installation and ongoing improvement, and to assess their economic and social impact.
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