Politécnica de Madrid

Public PhD Courses - Prices

The Universidad Politécnica provides studies at an experimentality degree of 3, which are:

Architect, Aeronautic Engineering, Agronomic Engineering, Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Geodesic and Cartographic Engineering, Geological Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Material Engineering, Mining Engineering, Forestry Engineering, Naval and Oceanic Engineering, Industrial Organization Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Telecommunication Engineering; Technical Architect, Technical Aeronautic Engineering in all of its specialities, Technical Agronomic Engineering in all of its specialities, Technical Forestry Engineering in all of its specialities, Technical Industrial Engineering in all of its specialities, Technical Engineering in Information Management, Systems Information Technical Engineering, Technical Mining Engineering in all of its specialities, Technical Engineering in Public Works in all of its specialities, Technical Telecommunications Engineering in all of its specialities and Technical Engineering in Topography.

Postgraduate University Studies – general price

€30.54 per credit

Third cycle teaching, general price

€53.36 per credit

Other prices

For those studies leading to the obtaining of non-official postgraduate qualifications, given jointly by two or more Public Universities in areas of strategic and renowned relevance, such as, the University Council of the Madrid regional Government (Consejo Universitario de la Comunidad de Madrid):

  For each credit: €60.75.

Evaluation and tests:

  • Joint tests for the official approval of foreign higher education degrees: €130.50.
  • Initiation and orientation courses for students over 25 years old: €104.29.
  • PhD thesis exam: €128.52.
  • Obtaining, by validation, diploma qualifications in first cycle university teaching:
    • Through academic and professional evaluation leading to the said validation: €130.50.
    • Through work demanded by the said validation: €217.33.
  • Academic tutelage for the drawing up of the PhD thesis: €97.28.
  • Exam for research competence: €96.80.

Degrees and Secretarial Services:

  • Issuing of academic qualifications:
    • PhD: €206.37.
    • Masters: €158.25.
    • Issuing and printing of duplicate official university or postgraduate degrees: €31.78.
    • Accredited certificates for the carrying out of third cycle university studies:
      • Certificate for the teaching period: €35.38.
      • Certificate-diploma for advanced studies: €106.12.
    • Issuing of the European Supplement to the Degree: €68.66.
  • Secretarial services:
    • Opening of academic proceedings to commence studies at the Centre, academic certifications and transfer of the academic proceedings: €24.73.
    • Secretarial costs: €5.48.
    • Attested copies of documents: €9.37.
    • Issuing of duplicate identity cards: €5.48.

For more information look consult the Boletín Oficial de la Comunidad de Madrid - Núm 173 (Official Bulletin for the Madrid Regional Government – number 173)