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Ecological and Sustainable Tourism Management

Official Degree Ecological and Sustainable Tourism Management
Web http://www.montesymedionatural.upm.es/Estudiantes/EstudiosTitulaciones/Master_Oficiales/MasterGestionTurismoEcologicoySostenible
Area Management and Organization
Modality Online learning
Credits 60 ECTS
Languages Spanish
Orientation Professional
Places 50
Contact Carlos Calderón
91 067 15 90

The Master in Management of Ecological and Sustainable Ecotourism is designed as a specialized postgraduate degree, which aims to train future graduates capable of carrying out a comprehensive ecotourism management. It will be an official Master program, adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

This Master aims to give students the tools and knowledge necessary to develop proper management of tourism, with the elements of environmental management, ethics and social responsibility where it is developed.

Tourism has become in recent decades an essential economic activity for most of the economies of the western countries and a vital engine of development for emerging countries and around the world.

However, tourism without environmental management will bring further damage and problems to the host country that income that can be received by such activity.The only future we can have tourism is to be sustainable.

Therefore, this Master is configured as a pioneer by:

• Joining and developing all the necessary tools to develop work in this field, developing the concepts of sustainability, environmental management and various types of ecological tourism products with the best training and speakers that exist in these fields capabilities.

• Providing quality training as teachers gathering the best experts and professionals in each of the disciplines, for a multidisciplinary faculty that allows students to gain maximum knowledge and practices in order to enter the labor world in this discipline, therefore self-employment as an employee, with the best guarantees of success.

• Developing the capacities of students, professionals and entrepreneurs who already own a tour company, orienting and specializing your business into a cultural, environmental and social identity that allows market a competitive tourism product quality with a guarantee of sustainability ensure its future.

Interuniversity No
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