Politécnica de Madrid

Geological Engineering

Official Degree Geological Engineering
Web http://www.minasyenergia.upm.es/master_ingenieria_geologica
Area Engineering and Related Professions
Modality On-campus education
Credits 90 ECTS
Languages Spanish
Orientation Research
Places 25
Contact José Eugenio Ortiz

Engineering Geology can be described as the interface between Geology, Civil Engineering and Mineral Resources Engineering and toa lesser degree, is related to Environmental Geology.

For this reason it is Intended for Mining, Geological and Geothechnical Engineers an Graduates, Civil Engineers, Geologists, environmentalists and Earth Sciences graduates.

Under this multidisciplinary premise focused on its application to different professional fields, the Master on Engineering Geology is branched into three different fields according to the student interest or need:

  1. Management of the Physical Environment,
  2. Research and Management of Geological Resources (Raw Materials) and
  3. Underground Space Management.

The option on Management of the Physical Environment focuses on the interaction between human beings and geological environment from their sustainable use (Hydrogeology), remediation and geological risks.

The option of Research and Management of Geological Resources is devoted to the exploration, characterization and evaluation of raw materials: industrial rocks and minerals.

The option Underground Space Management focuses on underground geology, geochemistry, petrophysics and geophysics in order to make safe its use as repository of different waste types (radioactive, CO2), energy temporal storage and underground city engineering.

The MIG comprises 90 ECTS along three semesters: the two first ones have are face-tp-face but the third one can be online.

The first semester has a high level basic formation.

Before the second semester starts, the student must choose a full option from the three ones that make the Master core.

The third semester is mainly devoted to the Master Thesis and an internship period (optional) that can be recognized through a Master Thesis extension.

Furthermore, there is a pack of 12 ECTS to be selected from courses belonging to the other non-selected two options.

Teaching will be in Spanish and will take place at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Interuniversity No