Politécnica de Madrid

Mining Engineering

Official Degree Mining Engineering
Web http://www.minasyenergia.upm.es/master_ingenieria_de_minas.html
Area Engineering and Related Professions
Modality On-campus education
Credits 120 ECTS
Languages Spanish
Orientation Professional
Places 70
Contact 910676306

The Masters in Mining Engineering academic goal is to train at the highest level of knowledge and skills future professionals to perform their duties in the area of mining and energy in industry and society in general. More specifically, it trains them in the skills and abilities necessary for the use of calculation methodologies, simulation, design, analysis and audit in the areas of production, processing, storage, transport as well as the use of raw, energy and non-energy materials, with particular emphasis on aspects of efficiency and environmental impact. The program provides the tools to work professionally in companies associated the mining engineering profile in accordance with the specific competencies contained in the Order CIN / 310/2009.

Graduates of U.P.M with a degree in Geological Engineering in Energy Resources, Fuels and Explosives and Mining Technology can enroll in this Masters. Also graduates from other Spanish public universities with the appropriate degree can access this masters. Graduates from other degree programs can also enroll but must take pre-requisite subjects deemed necessary. Notwithstanding that in this case prior training supplements deemed necessary are established.

The curriculum is divided into three modules according to the norms of the Ministerial Order CIN / 310/2009: Module Specific Technology. It is divided into eight areas that include all the specific competencies consisting of 64.5 ECTS credits. The Module Scientific and Management training is divided into two courses of 15 ECTS credits each term and Final Master Module has been established consisting of 12 ECTS credits. Finally, there is an optional module consisting of 13.5 ECTS where students can do an internship at companies.

Interuniversity No