Politécnica de Madrid

Conditions of use of the electronic resources contracted by the UPM

The electronic information resources (data bases, electronic journals, electronic books, etc.) are subscribed to for teaching and research purposes, which is why their use is not permitted for financial means or for the development of activities outside of the University.

Each electronic resource has its own conditions of use which are:
• According to national and international laws on intellectual property, authorised users may look for, download, visualise, print, store, and copy individual articles from journals, parts of books or data base registers for research and teaching purposes.
• It is prohibited to copy and store entire editions of journals, complete electronic books and the integral content or significant parts of data bases. It is not permitted to modify, adapt, manipulate, transform, translate or create derived work, based on materials included in these resources, or any other use that infringes the legislation on author’s rights.
• It is prohibited to use automatic programs that massively extract documents from different electronic resources (robots or any other type of intelligent agents). Any activity in this area that could lead to the suspension of the service either from the individual subscribers or the entire institution.

The university library will ensure the good use of the subscribed resources and strictly complies with these regulations, for the benefit of the entire academic community, which is why the opportune sanctions will be taken in the case of breaches of the regulations.