Politécnica de Madrid

E.T.S. Architecture

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando was responsible for the teaching of architecture as an academic discipline from 1752, and awarded the corresponding degree. The degree was later regulated by the Royal Letters Patent of the 30th March 1757 under King Fernando VI.

The classes were first held in the Casa de la Panadería, in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, and later in the Academy itself in calle Alcalá in Madrid. It was in 1844 when Queen Isabel II founded the Special School of Architecture, which organised the teaching by means of a regulation which made it independent of the Academy of San Fernando.

Up until 1936, when the current building in the Ciudad Universitaria was inaugurated, the School was located in the old Imperial College in calle Estudios. Special mention has to be made of the magnificent Library in the School, which has several collections of immense value, in spite of the destruction of more than half of the books in the civil war of 1936. The library has been donated some very significant legacies such as that of Cebrián.