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E.U. Technical Architecture

Although it has been one of the oldest technical professions in our country, it was not until 1855 that teaching leading to the profession of Master Builder became official in the Academies of Fine Arts. A new regulation of the studies was established in 1895 that officially attached them to the School of Fine Arts and Industries. It was back in 1924 that the studies to become a Master Builder were officially linked to the Schools of Architecture.

The compulsory intervention of a Master Builder in all Architectural work was established in 1935, and by the Decree of the 10th August 1955, the Official School of Master Builders became separated from the Schools of Architecture.

The studies achieved university status under the Law of General Education of the 4th August 1970, which ordered the integration of the State Schools of Technical Architecture into the respective Universities.

The Law 4/86 of Attributions for Master Builders and Technical Architects has reached a milestone that will undoubtedly influence the teaching of Technical Architecture.