Politécnica de Madrid

Grupo Crioconservación

ECPGR Cryopreservation Working Group’s first meeting

UPM professor Elena González Benito is one of the Spanish representatives of this group that has met in Prague to study the conservation of plant genetic resources.

Chair UPM

The RTVE Chair at UPM presents the first national pilot of RTVE's DVB-I channels linked to the DTT signal

DVB-I can be a perfect complement for broadcasters by allowing complementary views and new quality standards to be added to broadcasting.

Sunson project

SUNSON, the new Horizon Europe project aiming to store sunlight at the highest temperature ever recorded

The project coordinated by UPM aims to promote a new generation of highly compact and efficient CSP plants in order to create a more flexible renewable energy sector.


International Year of Millets 2023

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is committing 2023 to millets. These cereals have many benefits, as explains professor Santiago Moreno.