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AFINOPRO: Analysis of fitting noise propagation in steel lightweight constructions and design solutions for their prevention

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This project aims at systematically studying the propagation of sound by fitting noise in conformity to the EN ISO 38221 “Laboratory tests on noise emission from applications and equipment used in water supply installation” using a standardized noise gauge. The project objectives can be summarised in the following items:
• 2D vibration analysis by means of finite element method for the lightweight steel compounds (modules) defined in the test program (variant 1-6)
• 2D vibration analysis of pipe design to set the eigenfrequency of the pipe to defined values
• 2D vibrations analysis of the same compounds with integrated secondary vibration systems
• construction of the lightweight dry construction modules (36 for every lab, total 72 ) including one basic earthquake suitable wall element and two new non-coherent wall modules,
• measurement of fitting noise propagation for six variants of compounds four coupling variants of walls and four arrangements of the noise gauge (g1-g4), according to the test program, covering a representative cross-section of cases in practice (total 178)
• measurement of the propagation of fitting noise in compounds with secondary vibration system (silencer) for the wall variants 1-5, two silencer variants and one arrangement of the noise gauge (g1)
• measurement of the propagation of fitting noise in classical pipes without and with eddy control body
• measurement of the propagation of fitting noise using new pipe design for the wall variants 1-5 and one arrangement of the noise gauge (g1)
• Design rules for low cost lightweight compounds for fitting noise propagation ≤ 30 dB

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