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LASPULSE: Multi-section semiconductor lasers for all-optical signal processing and short pulse generation

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All-optical signal processing will play a major role in future photonic networks in order to fully utilize ultra-wide bandwidth of the optical carrier. On the other hand the generation of short optical pulses with low jitter is also very important to extend the capacity of optical communication systems. High power short pulses are also of strong interest in telemetry, and Free-Space-Optics (FSO) communications.

The objective of this project is to study, both from a theoretical and an experimental point of view, multi-section semiconductor lasers focusing on its applications in all-optical signal processing and short pulse generation for optical communication systems.

The goal is to achieve a better understanding of the dynamics of these devices in order to assess their possible use as active elements for optical signal processing. Gain-switching and mode-locking techniques for pulse generation will be applied to multi-section lasers in the project.

Novel techniques, such as optical injection, will be introduced to improve device performance. Previous experimental experience of the researcher on semiconductor laser development and characterization will be combined with the expertise of the host group in laser diode modelling to optimize multi-section semiconductor lasers.

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