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SNB09: Substrate nanopatterning by e-beam lithography to growth ordered arrays of III-Nitride nanodetectors: application to IR detectors, emitters, and new Solar Cells

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The overall objective of the proposed project is the development of novel optoelectronic and photonic devices based on ordered arrays of GaN/AIGAN and InGaN/GaN nano-rods. The mechanisms of spontaneous nucleation and growth of such nano-rods on Si substrates, under specific experimental conditions, have been recently clarified and understood. However, the realization of true devices relies on the achievement of ordered arrays of nano-rods by localization of the epitaxial growth on predetermined preferential sites. This challenging issue would be tackled by controlling the growth of such hetero-structures by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PA-MBE) growth on nano-masks and nano-patterned substrates, and by the subsequent processing of the nano-devices arrays. Ordered growth following a predefined pattern is a critical step to allow subsequent applications. Nano-masks and nano-patterning will be achieved by e-beam lithography and dry etching.

Three different devices will be developed as demonstrators, namely, arrays of nano-photodetectors in the IR, white light nano-LEDs, and nano-columnar Solar Cells. It is worth to remark that all these devices are beyond the state-of-the-art and will benefit from the very high and unique crystal quality of nano-rods. Other advantages of such nanostructures are a wide absorption surface and the capability to exploit Photonic Crystal effects for light extraction. The objectives of this project, being very ambitious, are perfectly feasible because all devices are based on the same basic structure of nano-rod arrays (building block). The project, aside from very relevant scientific aspects, will offer the young researcher a full training program on technological and complementary issues.

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  • Grupo de Investigación: Grupo de Dispositivos Semiconductores del ISOM
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