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Improving the analysis of a toll ring scheme implementation by a Travel Demand Management model
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  • Transporte
The mobility survey concerning the Madrid Metropolitan Area (MMA) shows that from 1996 to 2004 the number of mechanized trips increased by 52%, whereas the population increased only by 14%. Moreover, even if there is a heavy investment made for public transport, its mode share still decreased in the last decade owing to the use of private car get more and more popular. Since most countries developed extensive roadway networks during the Twentieth Century, the major transportation problems facing most communities are traffic and parking congestion, inadequate mobility for non-drivers associated with high numbers of private car trips; all problems which can be addressed by Transportation Demand Management (TDM). An efficient strategy of TDM is the implementation of road pricing policies in the more congested road sections. One of the most popular ?road pricing policies? is the toll-ring scheme used in Oslo and in Stockholm. In fact, a toll-ring scheme discourages orbital diversions, achieving higher traffic efficiency and environmental benefits. This paper describes de application of a toll ring scheme in Madrid Metropolitan Area and realizes a comprehensive analysis for evaluating the toll-ring impacts in relation to the congestion relief and social equity. The simulation of the toll ring scheme implementation is realized by a travel demand model, by using the data from the household survey of Madrid in 2004
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Young Researchers Seminar.
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Copenhague (Dinamarca)
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Young Researchers Seminar 2011. Book of papers.
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  • Autor: Yang Wang (UPM)
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