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ARCAS: Ads and fast Reactor Comparison Study in support of Strategic Research Agenda of SNETP
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The objective of the proposal is based on the outcome of PATEROS CA to assess more in depth the regional approach to P&T implementation. It will respond to one of the key-topics put forward by the Strategic Research Agenda of SNETP. The project intends to look at the economical aspects of the most realistic scenario for P&T with the hypothesis: limit the MA bearing fuel transport and limit the MA bearing fuel handling in and between all places such as at the reactor, at the fuel fabrication and at the reprocessing plant.We would like to assess the cost associated to implementing ADS¿s or dedicated Fast Reactors as minor actinide burning facilities. The idea is to start from two fixed hypotheses: (1) we work in double-strata approach and look only at the second (¿burning¿ stratum); (2) we assume a certain influx of minor actinide mass per year that needs to be burned. These two hypotheses will allow the project to avoid extensive scenario studies. The economic impact will be evaluated for investment cost, associated fuel cycle and operational cost but not the needed R&D cost. A crucial parameter to be established for both reactor systems is the maximal minor actinide (MA) content in a core loading. This maximal MA value is determined by operational safety criteria to be adhered by the dedicated burner. An evaluation of a number of safety parameters for the systems will give an upper boundary for the minor actinide mass present in the core. In order to not diversify the work, the project should define a generic and representative system for the ADS approach and the FR approach. For the ADS, one can benefit from the work done in the FP6-EUROTRANS on the EFIT design. For the FR, one could use an SFR or LFR as a starting point. However, the design should be optimized to the task of a dedicated burner. Concerning the FR two options could be envisaged for the core lay-out: driver fuel with blanket or homogeneous mixture.

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  • Director: Jose Maria Martinez-Val Peñalosa (UPM)
  • Participante: Alberto Abanades Velasco (UPM)
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