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10ACTION: Action to increase Energy Awareness and improved the Sustainable Behaviour of European Citizens

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10ACTION aims at changing behavior of 5 different target groups with regard to energy efficiency and renewable energies using the Solar Decathlon Europe existing competition as, at the same time, point of attraction and of diffusion. 10ACTION will use the values which boost the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition to raise awareness in the European society in search of a change of behavior in order to achieve the objectives of EU energy policy. These values encourage a responsible use of energy, greater energy efficiency, improvement In sustainability and the new usage of renewable energies in relation to housing desing and the use of homes. 10ACTION consists on a set of activities related to the Solar Decathlon, strategically designed for the target group at which it is aimed. These target groups are: children, adolescents, university students, professional business and general public. The activities, designed by the Communication partner Agency, will start off for the 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe Competition at a local leveL, financed by the Spanish Government. For 10ACTION the European Energy Governmental Agencies partners will be in charge of implementing and adapting some of these activities, the ones they consider fit the strategy, in their own and neighboring countries for the 2012 SDE competition. Major outputs and Results ¿ including main quantitative result indicators: 10ACTION will provide the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition a communication/awareness plan based on bottom-up actions that will guarantee that this competition will not oNly benefit the universitites that take part in it but also the rest of European society that will learn from this event and will, with their change of behaviour relating energy issues, help achieve the 2020 EU objectives. The major outputs of 10ACTION will consist of five action plans, one per target group:

- CHILDREN- school competitions and games via website to get the children familiarized with some basic concepts related to energy consumption.

-ADOLESCENTS- school competitions involving solar designs, the use of recycled materials, photographs, increasing their awareness in energy matters.

- UNIVERSITY STUDENTS- seminars, conference, and a competition where the students will have to come up with clever ideas of means to improve life in relation to energy: Impossible Ideas for a Possible World?

-PROFESSIONALS- through seminars and conferences get important personalities from the architecture world involved in transmitting the real numbers behind real projects. To contribute to the professional society with real on the shelf technologies, ready to use with energy saving results.

GENERAL PUBLIC- several travelling exhibitions of the solar houses involved in the Solar Decathlon Competition, as well as the model of these houses. Through these exhibitions some essential energy saving ideas will come across to them. Use of the media impact the Solar Decathlon Competition has to attract this target group. The use of surveys will help evaluate to which extent these ideas come through.

The expectation of this project is that the different target groups acquire a higher knowledge on energy issues resulting in a change of behaviour in the frame in which they live. Concerning children and adolescents, as potential working society, get them to interiorize energy efficiency and use of renewable as essential to life and part of it. University students and scientific community will be given tools to think and work towards the European 2020 objectives. The professional related to architecture and construction will also be given real on the shelf products and its applications aimed at

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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
Comisión Europea
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  • Director: Sergio Vega Sanchez UPM
  • Participante: Katja Klinkenberg . UPM
  • Participante: Monica Almagro Corpas UPM

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  • Grupo de Investigación: Técnicas Innovadoras y Sostenibles en la Edificación