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The role of miRNAs in systemic responses to mineral nutrient deficiencies
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  • Biología molecular, celular y genética
Plants frequently have to cope with environments where sub-optimal nutrient availability persists. Under such deficiency conditions, nutrient availabilities and needs have to be tightly coordinated between organs to ensure a balance between uptake and demand for metabolism, growth, and defense reactions. To this end information about the nutrient status has to flow from cell-to-cell, but also between distant organs via the long-distance transport tubes. Recently, micro RNAs (miRNAs) have been shown to be involved in nutrient deficiency responses and they have also been implicated with systemic signaling. Recently, we showed by high-throughput sequencing and miRNA microarray hybridizations that phloem sap contains a specific set of small RNAs (sRNAs) smaller than 30 nucleotides (siRNAs, miRNAs and a set of unknown sRNAs) that is distinct from the sRNA complement of leaves and roots. Furthermore we demonstrated that specific miRNAs accumulate in phloem sap under nutrient limitation to levels even higher than in other tissues. Moreover, we showed that specific phloem-accumulating miRNAs can indeed be transported over graft unions from shoots to roots and down-regulate the expression of their target genes there. However, the question whether this translocation is of physiological importance during nutrient stress responses and what functions it could have remains, because the miRNAs can be synthesized in roots themselves. We propose that the inter-organ communication via miRNAs might be a way to coordinate nutrient starvation responses between different organs.
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Botanikertagung http://www.botanikertagung2011.de/
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Berlin, Alemania
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  • Autor: Julia Kehr . (UPM)
  • Autor: Anja Buhtz . (UPM)
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