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Galileo, Maxwell, Michell, Aroca: measuring the structural efficiency
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  • Optimización,
  • Ingenierías,
  • Diseño arquitectonico
What a structural milestone is? From a thermodynamical point of view, the efficiency is the measure that allows to compare solutions for a problem. Galileo was the first to introduce a rule for its measurement, as the ratio of useful weight to the whole supported weight. He foresaw that insurmountable sizes have to exist, those that bound the solution size for each problem and for which the efficiency of optimum solution is zero. A design theory aims to determine the shape for the insurmountable size of each problem and the maximum efficiency for lesser sizes or alternative forms. Only then it is possible to measure the relative merit of any solution and to determine if it is an actual milestone, that is to say, a move toward the maximum efficiency. Later researches by Maxwell, Michell and others enlightened how the optimum shapes could be determined in the case of a unity efficiency (the null self-weight case), but ignoring the general approach of Galileo. Near 1970 Aroca clearly saw the connection between both approaches, defining the properties of the structural form (size, scheme, proportion and thickness) and formulating a new synthesis of the structural design theory. Some examples about how the theory makes the difference between very actual milestones and mere linguistic vanities will be presented. Furthermore, the current shortcomings of the theory will be examined and future research lines will be proposed to address them.
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Structural Milestone in Architecture and Engineering. International Conference on Research in Construction
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Structural Milestone in Architecture and Engineering. International Conference on Research in Construction
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  • Autor: Mariano Enrique Vazquez Espi (UPM)
  • Autor: Jaime Cervera Bravo (UPM)
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