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Thermal properties of group IV nanowires under laser beam excitation

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Nanoscaled semiconductor structures present a high potential for the fabrication of new devices because of their unique optical and electrical properties. In particular, nanowires (NWs) will be the building blocks for future advanced electronic, and optoelectronic nanodevices. A great deal of characterization effort has been devoted to the study of the NWs properties, which present a strong dependence with its dimension. Furthermore, NWs are systems with lower thermal conductivity than their bulk counterparts, which opens interesting possibilities for thermoelectric applications. On the other hand, the poor thermal conductivity of the NWs can have severe consequences on the thermal management of the devices based on them. One needs to understand the behaviour of the NWs in the presence of intense light beams, or under electric bias. The study of the thermal behaviour of semiconductor NWs is a crucial issue for the future application of the NWs. In this way, we present herein an analysis of the thermal transport of Si, Ge, and SiGe NWs under the influence of a laser beam. The temperature distribution inside the NWs under the laser beam excitation is modelled using finite element analysis for solving the heat transport equation inside the NW. We analyze the influence of the laser wavelength, laser power and the NW composition and dimensions. Depending on the above factors, the NWs temperature can scale up to several hundreds ºCs under a focused laser beam, with respect to the temperature reached in other type of configuration, either bulk, thin film, or nanocrystals embedded in a dielectric matrix. Data validation is achieved by Raman spectroscopy of individual NWs.
European Materials Research Society 2011 Spring Meeting
Niza (Francia)
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