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ATACCS '11 1st International Conference on Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems
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  • Ingeniería mecánica, aeronaútica y naval,
  • Control del tráfico aéreo,
  • Gestión del tráfico aéreo
Over the last decades our knowledge in the area of computer-based systems and more generally socio-technical systems have rapidly increased making it possible (and also requiring) to focus our research resources and activities on more specific areas. As a consequence each researcher or practitioner usually knows much more about specific issues and less about everything. Good examples of this trend of individual knowledge evolution can be found in the air, rail, road and multimodal transport domains where it is easier to find knowledgeable individuals in each domain but rather difficult to have a global understanding of all the domains and their interrelations. However, such understanding is required when desigining multimodal integration of these systems. In the area of command and control systems, future tools and technology are expected to provide users with all the required information at any time, but how do we turn all that information into knowledge and what kind of knowledge is required (and where to find it) for designing such systems? Automation of these systems (or part of them) will be a major goal impacting on all research fields. In the early days of infomatics (also defined as Automated Information Processing) the main goal was to embed in the command and control systems as much automation as possible (i.e. as much automation as current knowledge in the field was making it possible). At a higher level of abstraction than information itself, an effective management of our knowledge is actually a basic requirement for the design of next generation systems...but can the knowledge really be automated? And is it worth doing it? And if so, how to go from the earlier work focusing on understanding automation to the actual engineering of systems embedding automation? The ATACCS (Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems) conference is organized by the HALA! Research Network and aims at fostering research in the specific domain of automation and providing answers to the questions above.
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IRIT Press Toulouse, France, France ©2011
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  • Autor: Fco. Javier Saez Nieto (UPM)
  • Editor: Eduardo Jose Garcia Gonzalez (UPM)
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