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FORECASTER: facilitating knowledge exchange on hydromorphological and ecological effects of river restoration
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  • Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud
? Within Europe, an there was no easy to access overview of river restoration (including rehabilitation, mitigation) experiences and expertise. Such information is presently lacking and is urgently needed to support EU member states to improve the ecological state of river ecosystems. For most restoration measures there is insufficient knowledge on their cost-effectiveness or a poor accessibility to existing experience and knowledge, i. In particular for the hydromorphological modifications of rivers and floodplains. ?In 2008 European countries partipicatingparticipating in the IWRM-NET (www.iwrm-net.org) took the initiative to finance several international projects adressingaddressing theis knowledge gap and to relate the hydromorphological condition to the ecological state of rivers. Forecaster FORECASTER (http://forecaster.deltares.nl) was one of the selected projects. It . ? Forecaster aimed toat improving the better link between science and practice on river restoration and applied Google maps and WIKI to serve this goal. tThrough consultation of experts and end-users, and the development of a multilevel and operational webtool has been developed encompassingcomprising a database of restoration case studies. The tool applies Google maps for easy access to the case studies and WIKI pages for collaborative development of the information in the system. It contains filters to facilitate access to to filterthe information information, a WIKI to disclose existing experiences, live-links between case studies, pressures, measures, biological and hydromorphological quality elements, and links to in-depth background information. ? At present the webtool contains information on over 100 case studies originating from several European countries, and it. The approach to better integrate science, policy and implementation has been embraced by the European Centre for River Restoration (www.ecrr.org) that will further develop it for further within the Life+ project RESTORE. expansion and implementation.
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2nd Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science
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  • Autor: Diego M Garcia de Jalon Lastra (UPM)
  • Autor: Tom Buijse (DELTARES)
  • Autor: Yenori Morales (DELTARES)
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