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FutureNEM: Supporting the future of the NEM European Technology Platform
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The NEM European Technology Platform is well on the way to achieving the major objectives defined at the creation of the platform, five years ago. It has helped to change the environment, encouraging the emergence of a strong European awareness of the Future Media Internet issues, supporting the creation of various forums concerned with that topic, and leading the development of a possible PPP on that subject. In that context, a new era opens now for the platform, which will have to invent its future, without losing the benefit of the work already performed. FutureNEM will assist the NEM ETP to realize that ambition. As a Support Action, it will stimulate the activities that industry cannot perform by itself. It includes the necessary tasks to meet the following objectives: -To keep a high visibility of the NEM Initiative thanks to publication of the NEMLetter and new communication tools where needed -To promote the contribution of NEM to the various Future Internet coordination instruments in order to keep a high profile of content related matters in the Future (Media) Internet -To support the organisation of the Open NEM discussion Forum that will advise the platform on various issues -To prepare the definition of the future of the NEM Initiative, NEM2.0 -To assist the production of relevant positions on research directions and to organise the emergence of NEM public positions -To support the organisation of the NEM Summit -To facilitate liaison with other R&D communities around the world in order to promote the NEM messages -To promote NEM to new communities, especially Content producers -To develop the presence of NEM at the national/local level in order to involve more SME actors in its works The FutureNEM consortium consists of key actors of the NEM platform and is strongly connected to the operational organization of the ETP.
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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
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Comisión Europea
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  • Director: Jose Manuel Menendez Garcia (UPM)
  • Participante: Federico Alvarez Garcia (UPM)
  • Participante: Guillermo Cisneros Perez (UPM)
  • Participante: Salvador Landeros Ayala (UPM)
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  • Departamento: Señales, Sistemas y Radiocomunicaciones
S2i 2023 Observatorio de investigación @ UPM con la colaboración del Consejo Social UPM
Cofinanciación del MINECO en el marco del Programa INNCIDE 2011 (OTR-2011-0236)
Cofinanciación del MINECO en el marco del Programa INNPACTO (IPT-020000-2010-22)