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Fire Alarm Constellation

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Nowadays, detecting wild fires by using space platforms is already possible but the systems developed mainly consist on one single big and expensive satellite, with other objectives besides detecting wild fires. As consequence, the number of passes of the satellite is reduced to one or two per day. In this context, a constellation of small satellites (based on the cubesat standard) is proposed to detect wild fires by using on-board data processing in order to reduce the time response. The cubesats would be dedicated exclusively to this target, so the primary payload is recommended to be a QWIP (Quantum Well Infrared Photo-detector) sensor able to detect simultaneously a range of MWIR and LWIR wavelengths. In order to reduce the power consumption, a GPS receiver will be used to detect ranges of coordinates where detecting fires is unnecessary (e.g. poles, oceans). One of the main strengths of this project is the possibility of using already tested components, so it would be easy to develop the units of the constellation. Despite of the QWIP sensor, the most important part of the system will be the signal processor and the software implemented to detect IR pixels in a captured image. For this reason, good developed software is needed to reduce the false alarm and non-detection rates. In this case, we consider to use updatable software which can be sent to the satellite to correct mistakes made during the detection of IR pixels. This constellation provides that one single point is evaluated at least 11 times in a day (130 minutes on average). Another strength is due to the possibility of integrating the constellation in more complex systems like GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) and the use of GENSO (Global Educational Network for Satellites Operations) to offer the satellites a global coverage.
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Novel Ideas for Manosatellite Constellation Missions
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