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¿Valor físico o precio monetario? De la crematística a la oikonomía: el caso de los recursos minerales del planeta
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  • Gestión de recursos,
  • Economía ecológica
Rudolf Clausius, who was one of the fathers of the thermodinamics of the XIX century (James Clerk Maxwell or Ludwing Boltzmann were some of the others), published during 1885 a management project of Nature energy resources from the point of view of the human well-being. His project was based upon the fundamental laws of physics as applied to the planet Earth, confronting other projects of his time, which were based upon all kind of monetary conventions and politics ideologies. However, were the latter projects that won the fight of the practice application, driving the mankind to the present situation of ecological crisis. Thermodinamics continued its progress, and during the XX century was able to complete and to extend the Clausius?s ideas, springing a new mesure, the exergy or useful energy, with which it is possible to account the replacement cost of the no-renewable resources, especifically of the minerals that, with very different ore grades, we found at our disposal in the deposits. Hence, nowdays we can propose a similar project that that of Clausius, but about the mineral deposits. That it is adopted in practice will depend of the political will of those who have the power of managing the use of the territory in each place of the world.
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I Seminario Internacional de Reconversão de Territórios
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Belo-Horizonte (Brasil)
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Reutilización sostenible del espacio minero : I Simposio Red REUSE y Seminario Internacional de Reconversión de Territorios
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  • Autor: Mariano Enrique Vazquez Espi (UPM)
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