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Commonalities between networking in multiplayer computer games and negotiation processes in a future multi-layered Air Traffic Management (ATM) system

Research Areas
  • Man/machine interface,
  • Aircraft operation,
  • Air transport

First, this paper describes a future layered Air Traffic Management (ATM) system centred in the execution phase of flights. The layered ATM model is based on the work currently performed by SESAR [1] and takes into account the availability of accurate and updated flight information ?seen by all? across the European airspace. This shared information of each flight will be referred as Reference Business Trajectory (RBT). In the layered ATM system, exchanges of information will involve several actors (human or automatic), which will have varying time horizons, areas of responsibility and tasks. Second, the paper will identify the need to define the negotiation processes required to agree revisions to the RBT in the layered ATM system. Third, the final objective of the paper is to bring to the attention of researchers and engineers the communalities between multi-player games and Collaborative Decision Making processes (CDM) in a layered ATM system
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Toulouse, Francia
  • Autor: Eduardo Jose Garcia Gonzalez UPM

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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Navegación Aérea
  • Departamento: Infraestructura, Sistemas Aeroespaciales y Aeropuertos