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Automatic Assessment of Bradykinesia in PD Patients

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Technology could become an affordable alternative for PD?s patients? treatment. In this context the PERFORM system provides an innovative tool, able to evaluate and monitor patients suffering from motor neurodegenerative diseases. It is composed by a network of wireless sensors located on the limbs, trunk and waist of the patient. Daily, the system provides the neurologists with a profile of the patient status based on the automatic assessment of the PD symptoms (Bradykinesia, Gait, FoG, Dyskinesia, Tremor and Akinesia) combined with information about the medication and food intake. Bradykinesia is one of the characteristic symptoms of the OFF stage of the PD fluctuation, therefore the PERFORM system includes a specific algorithm developed for its automatic assessment. Sixty PD?s patients were selected (15 women and 45 men with an age between 52 and 79 years old, mean 62.77± 6.5 years) for the training phase of the algorithm. Moreover, 6 patients from University Clinic of Navarra (Spain) were selected (2 women and 4 men with an age between 63 and 68 years old, mean 64.63±2.25 years) to test the developed algorithm. The match score between the output of the system and the subjective evaluation of the clinicians, both expressed according to the UPDRS scale, presents an average value of [74.4±14.9]%. The results obtained so far are satisfactory. In order to achieve higher accuracy, a larger sample of patients should be used and the classification method needs to be personalized to avoid the large variability and the unpredictability of the movement.
WFN XIX World Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders
Shanghai, China
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Abstracts of WFN XIX World Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders

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