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Systematic improvement of IT processes. Appli-cation of CMMI.DEV in implementation of ERP
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This article presents and analyzes the experience of a IT European multinational company in the analysis, evaluation and improvement of internal processes of implementation of ERP tools, taking CMMI.DEV as a reference model of good practice within its management system quality. A model that, although is intended for software developments and, what the company does are activities of ERP parameterization, provides a proven method-ology to maintain, among other things, the baseline and carry out the monitoring and configuration control so that the interaction between information (require-ments), configuration (current status and evolution of software) and documenta-tion (of support and their versions) can be managed effectively throughout all the ERP implementation project. This work has also allowed the analysis of the model itself which has a disci-plined approach for improvement based on a set of progressive steps also applicable to the certification process and which contrasts with the methodologies proposed by other sectorial quality models based on the ISO 9000.
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Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012: International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management
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  • Autor: Maria Mercedes Grijalvo Martin (UPM)
  • Autor: Adolfo Ocampo
  • Autor: Ana Maria Vargas Perez (UPM)
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