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P-medicine: A solution for translational research?
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  • Ciencias de la computación y tecnología informática
The nature of healthcare is changing from reactive to preventive. These changes are catalysed by a new approach to disease, which focuses on integrated diagnosis, treatment and prevention in individuals. Molecular biology and information technology are the main drivers in this process. The question is how such a translational approach can be implemented in daily clinical care of patients. Method: Multi-level data collection within clinico-genomic trials and interdisciplinary analysis by clinicians, molecular biologists and others involved in life science is mandatory to further improve the outcome of cancer patients. For that purpose p-medicine, an integrated project, funded under the 7th Framework Program of the EU (project n° 270089) started to facilitate translational research in three cancer domains. These are nephroblastoma, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and breast cancer. Result: p-medicine is developing an integrated IT infrastructure to gain access to distributed data sources in a routine, transparent way, following appropriate anonymization and security procedures and enabling the building of tools and models based on user needs and requirements. These tools are intended to facilitate the run of clinical trials, to support physicians in their decisions toward patient treatment, to empower patients, to run system biology driven cancer models in the computer (in silico oncology) and to mine data from literature for knowledge discovery. Scenarios and examples of such tools will be demonstrated. Conclusion: The p-medicine infrastructure is able to address demanding needs in translational research. To sustain a self-supporting infrastructure realistic use cases and validated tools need to be built that will demonstrate tangible results for clinicians.
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Paediatric Blood & Cancer
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  • Autor: Alberto Anguita Sanchez (UPM)
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