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Technological Workshop 5: Image Analysis 2. Bioimage analysis changes

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Over the last decade, bioimage data production has exploded, generating enormous amounts of information to be analyzed. Massive imaging data has led to a growing interest in bioimage analysis software, services, ICT infrastructure, etc. However, the joint effort between the biological expertise and the processing taskforce has not yet met the day to day needs in this field. In this context, the technological workshop on bioimage analysis challenges constitutes a first seed of an initiative aiming to fill this gap. Being an opportunity for the different actors to get together and share image analysis needs and expertise, with the main objective of identifying demanding bioimage analysis problems. During the workshop, they will be discussed in an open environment to define fut ure implementations of the most relevant challenges. In this workshop a brief introduction on what a bioimage analysis challenge is and how it is implemented will be given in the first place. Next, the concrete example of an international initiative in particle tracking will be presented, as well as a first idea of implementation of a challenge on automatic cell tracking in phase contrast video microscopy. After this introduction, there will be an open debate on bioimage analysis unmet needs and problems. The proposed ideas will be discussed to select those of most interest and relevance. Those will be transformed into open challenges to be solved by the image processing community, thus setting up the framework to propose new solutions to unmet needs. To encourage the attendees? participation, a call for bioimage analysis challenge ideas will be sent out in advance, so they can elaborate on their own ideas in advance. Namely, to identify their most pressing bioimage analysis needs and a possible evaluation framework.
1st Congress of the Spanish Network of Advanced Optical Microscopy
Universidad de Barcelona
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