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A pattern recognition approach for damage detection and temperature compensation in acoustoultrasonics
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The global trends in the construction of modern structures require the integration of sensors together with data recording and analysis modules so that their integrity can be continuously monitored for safe-life, economic and ecological reasons. This process of measuring and analysing the data from a distributed sensor network all over a structural system in order to quantify its condition is known as structural health monitoring (SHM). Guided ultrasonic wave-based techniques are increasingly being adapted and used in several SHM systems which benefit from built?in transduction, large inspection ranges, and high sensitivity to small flaws. However, for reliable health monitoring, much information regarding the innate characteristics of the sources and their propagation is essential. Moreover, any SHM system which is expected to transition to field operation must take into account the influence of environmental and operational changes which cause modifications in the stiffness and damping of the structure and consequently modify its dynamic behaviour. On that account, special attention is paid in this paper to the development of an efficient SHM methodology where robust signal processing and pattern recognition techniques are integrated for the correct interpretation of complex ultrasonic waves within the context of damage detection and identification. The methodology is based on an acousto-ultrasonics technique where the discrete wavelet transform is evaluated for feature extraction and selection, linear principal component analysis for data-driven modelling and self-organizing maps for a two-level clustering under the principle of local density. At the end, the methodology is experimentally demonstrated and results show that all the damages were detectable and identifiable.
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7th european workshop on structural health monitoring
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Nantes, Francia
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Proceedings of the 7th european workshop on structural health monitoring
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  • Autor: Miguel Angel Torres (U Siegen)
  • Autor: Julian Sierra Perez (UPM)
  • Autor: Guenael Cabanes (Universite Paris-Nord)
  • Autor: Jesus Alfredo Guemes Gordo (UPM)
  • Autor: Claus Peter Fritzen (U Siegen)
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