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Vibroacoustics of thin micro-perforated absorbers.

Research Areas
  • Mechanical aeronautics and naval engineering

The prediction of the isolating properties of lightweight Micro Perforated Panels (MPP) is a subject that has been intensively studied due to their important applications in a wide range of areas such as building acoustics and the aeronautic, astronautic and automotive industries. MPPs have been mostly considered as rigid structures, accounting only for inertia and neglecting any vibrating effects. However, simulation and experimental studies on thin MPPs have found that the absorbing performance can experience variations in the low frequency range from the results expected assuming a rigid structure. The work presented here is a theoretical and experimental study on the influence of panel vibrations on the sound absorption properties of thin MPP absorbers. Measurements show that the absorption performance generates extra absorption peaks or dips that cannot be understood assuming a rigid MPP. A theoretical model is established that exactly accounts for structural-acoustic interaction between the micro-perforated panel and the backing cavity without restriction on the absorber cross-sectional shape or on the panel boundary conditions. This model is verified experimentally against impedance tube measurements and laser vibrometric scans of the cavity-backed panel response. The effect of micro-perforations on panel-cavity or hole-cavity resonances is revealed through coupled mode analysis.
Acoustics 2012, 163rd ASA Meeting, 8th meeting of the Acoustical Society of China
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Hong Kong

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  • Creador: Departamento: Física e Instalaciones Aplicadas a la Edificación, al Medio Ambiente y al Urbanismo