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Contribution to integration and coordination mechanisms for mobile distributed services in publish/subscribe networks

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  • Information technology and adata processing

This dissertation is made up of two different but complementary research areas: Publish/Subscribe networks and mobile distributed services. Over the years, Pub-lish/Subscribe networks have been offering the lightweight and decoupled communi-cation characteristics to improve the information distribution in several application domains such as the execution of distributed services. Mobile distributed services are set to be deployed in wireless environments where mobile devices must rely on the same features Publish/Subscribe networks can offer; so one of the pending research directions consists of how to take advantage of these features and further advance to-wards new un-existing solutions that enhance the integration between mobile and fixed systems and the execution of mobile distributed services. This dissertation seeks to advance the integration and coordination mechanisms of mobile distributed services in the context of Publish/Subscribe networks. The specific objectives aim to enable the integration of mobile and fixed Publish/Subscribe systems and provide a uniform and specific version of a Publish/Subscribe network with new coordination mechanisms that improve the execution of mobile distributed services. The results of this dissertation are enclosed in one specific version of a Pub-lish/Subscribe network that integrates mobile and fixed brokers and coordinates the execution of mobile distributed services. These specific contributions are: a new archi-tecture of a mobile broker I called Rendezvous Mobile Broker, an abstract model for coordinating mobile distributed services executions using a Publish/Subscribe net-work, new gossip routing solutions to disseminate events of services, mechanisms to support highly partitioned and geographically dispersed services and finally, an inter-networking solution between two Publish/Subscribe domains: a PubSubHubbub-based network and the Publish/Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm (PSIRP)-based network. The experimental efforts confirm that the specific version of the Publish/Subscribe proposed in this dissertation improves the performance of the overall network in terms of end-to-end delay, enables a more resilience execution of mobile distributed services, a better usage of the existing network resources, and finally successfully achieves, with minor variations in the network performance, the internetworking between two differ-ent Publish/Subscribe domains.
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