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Soil quality indicators for forest management

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Soil is one of the most fundamental components for supporting life on Earth. Processes occurring within soil (most of which are driven by its living organisms) perform ecosystem and global functions that help maintain life aboveground. However, life within the soil is hidden and often suffers from being ?out of sight and out of mind?. From the point of view of both agriculture and forestry, another essential aspect of the functioning of the soil, vegetation, and ecosystem is the importance of the rhizosphere. As a result of all these factors and soil functions, soil health indicates the capacity of soil to function as a vital living system to sustain biological productivity, promote environmental quality, and maintain plant and animal health. However, soils are affected by human activity, which often results in their degradation and the loss of their functions. Only by understanding soil in all its complexity while maintaining its functionality and quality through actions designed to protect its properties and acknowledging its importance in the quality of life worldwide can we embark on a truly sustainable use of soil perceived as a resource and build a proper human/soil relationship to be passed on to future generations.
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Quantitative Techniques in Participatory Forest Management
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