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Key factors affecting the efficiency of transport interchanges
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***************************************** Los congresos del World Conference on Transport Research Society, son de reconocido prestigio internacional dentro del campo de la investigación del transporte, pero desde 2010 los libros de abstracts ya no tienen ISBN. Pero por su importancia deberían ser tenidos en cuenta en los indicadores de calidad. ******************************************************************* This paper provides a meta-analysis of long/short distance passenger interconnectivity within the European context. The analysis is based on the results of the European project HERMES of the 7th EU R&D Programme. The study collected stakeholders and travelers? valuation and preferences in 5 interchanges in 3 EU countries. To that end a common survey was conducted in the following sites: Gothenburg Central Station (Sweden), Avenida de America Interchange in Madrid, Lleida-Zaragoza railway stations (Spain), and the Intermodal Station of Part Dieu in Lyon (France). The first survey addresses the analysis of the different stakeholders? opinion on the interchange management and characteristics. The second survey gives an insight into the key requirements of long/short distance intermodal passengers in the selected case studies. This included the following aspects: on one hand, trip origin and destination, connecting transport services and modes, trip characteristics, type of ticket, trip motive and socioeconomic characteristics of the traveller. On the other hand, it was structured in such a way to ask passengers to rate importance/satisfaction of a series of common quality and functional aspects like information, accessibility, transfer times, service supply, etc. In conclusion, the paper highlights which elements of the interchange are considered as relevant and how different groups of stakeholders value them, both theoretically and in the selected case studies. They also have identified some key barriers as the lack of internal coordination among operators, managers and decision makers, as well as the the poor signage, particularly among connecting services. Travellers seem to have different priorities epending on their age, purpose of trip and mode chosen. In some cases time appears as the most relevant factor, whilst price is decisive in others.
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The 13th Worl Conference on Transport Research
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Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
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13th WCTR
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  • Autor: Andres Monzon De Caceres (UPM)
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